Rendezvous promo

Rendezvous (/ˈɹɑndəˌvu/) is a clock widget with minimalist design for your home screen.

Burning Brushes


Burning Brushes – Modelling & Painting Studio committed me to refresh their Facebook page making a cover (you can see it above), an avatar and a watermark for their shots.

Coalsplit reviewed


Getting a wow? When I’ve created my first Android app, I’ve only uploaded it on Google play. I never thought about advertise my app, but few weeks ago I had the chance to get Coalsplit reviewed on a famous Italian website dedicated to Android,… read more

Checking checkable


In these days of September I started with the study of thesis and finally now I’m free from any other distraction. Why? because Andkisstheviolets if practically finished after some little changes, and a work committed a week ago (a logo), is now… read more

Only one left


I know it’s passed a long time before my last post, but these two months were been very challenging cause I was studying for the second last university exam, probability and statistics (formally “Calcolo delle probbabilità e statistica matematica” or… read more