A performance trap

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It’s what happen when you try for the first time to get into the openGL world when you are developing for mobile devices. The project Amazeing with opengl gave me not few problems… I started using the jPCT library (the Android edition obviously), and in the firsts times it seems very simple, although there isn’t a wide support (it have only very few pages of wiki and a forum), in fact in few days I’ve created a full work editor for the maze. After the first tests I began to see the first performance problems, so that when I trying a maze little bit bigger, as example 20×20 or greater, the application began to be very slower in panning and zooming, also considering that I tried that application on my Nexus S, this means that the application can never run on low-end device (devices that I wanted to consider as target).

So, for now I’ve decided to pause this project and to press the play button again only when I will have good practice with the Android system and the openGL graphics. This don’t mean that the Android development is frozen (considering that I’ve also payed the Android developers fee for publish apps on the market), in fact I’ve already an alternative idea for an Android app, but this time I want to keep the secret for a while.

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