An Amazeing begin


Yes it’s really amazing when you get good results developing something, it’s satisfying. That’s happen in these two days, I’m trying to make an application for Android, a Maze game, and I chosen Amazeing as it’s name.

After the firsts mock-ups I started to developing. For now I’ve only created the main menu and the mazes list, then only two activity, but for now all the transitions and graphical changes work well on my Nexus S, either in portrait than in landscape mode. The next step will be a SQLite database integration, maybe for tomorrow.

Moreover during the next week I think to write some little tutorials on the basics of android apps development (I know, I’m not a master, but I hope to learn fast!), as “how to get ready for android developing”, “how the folders structure works”, “how to implement a custom listView” and “how to integrate a SQLite database”.

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