NFC ISO cards finally at home!

Mifare Cards

This morning, after a week from its shipping, a pack of ten Mifare Ultralight NFC ISO Cards is arrived at home. If you don’t know, the Near Field Communication technology, evolved by RFID, allows the wireless exchange of data between two devices in a distance of few centimeters through a bidirectional connection. For a full explanation visit the wikipedia dedicated page.


Why I bought them? because this technology could be a starting point for some innovative application for mobile devices (introducing a sense of real interaction). For now there are very few models that supports NFC, but the tendency is in growth, and considering that I have one of these models, the Google Nexus S, their purchase was a due step for me.

For purchase NFC cards and other NFC enabled stuffs there are many online stores, but most of them are located away from EU, so for a purchase of a little number of these stuffs the shipping cost is not convenient, so searching I found a great deal in the CoreRFID online store that has good prices and is situated in UK, then for £11,99 + £2,50 (of shipping) I brought home these 10 NFC cards.

These cards have a memory of 512bit organized in 16 areas of 4byte and a transfer rate of 106kbit/s. For more info about Mifare Ultralight NFC ISO Cards jump to the product page of CoreRFID store.

I just have to play with these cards and my Nexus S a little bit.

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