Populating works


After one day of activity I’ve published some of my old works focusing for now on logos (Color Sick, Bug Intent, Thinking Seed, Afkee). In the same time I’m fixing some bugs that come up in this WordPress theme, for example the last one is a bug in retrieving the recent works in the sidebar, caused by an issue of the WordPress function get_pages. I don’t know why this function that has to return the pages chosen through the arguments stop to work properly when I decide to limit the result with the argument “number”. But this is not the only one, in fact some days ago I discovered another limitation, because when I set some pages to exclude trough the argument “exclude” (with an array for example), the function has excluded also all the page children, this behavior seems to be reasonable but is not so, because exist another argument (“exclude_tree”) that does this as explained in the function reference.

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