Waiting Ice Cream Sandwich

Nexus Prime Silhouette

Fragments guideline

No, I don’t want to eat something cool, I’m only waiting the next version of the Android OS.

In these days I’m trying to develop something for Android, but for now if you want to develop Android app using the newer features introduced to Android like the ActionBar class, you are forced to write applications requiring the 11st (or higher) version of SDK, that is suited for Honeycomb, the version of android (3.0, 3.1, 3.2) dedicated for tablet. This mean that if you want to use these features you can’t develop applications for smartphones.

From it’s announcement at the Google  I/O of this year, the most important feature of Ice Cream Sandwich (from now ICS) is the capability to unify all devices under a unique OS, so Tablets, Smartphones and Smart-TVs of any sizes can run the same OS and… the same applications.

The key of this feature come from a correct use of ActionBar and Fragments classes when developing apps. A post of Tim Bray on the official Android developer’s blog explain in details how to do that very clearly, also with examples if needed.

Returning on the waiting of ICS, in these days a video published on YouTube by the SamsungUSATube profile confirms the rumor that Google will announce and show the new Nexus phone (the rumors say that it’s name will be Prime) at the “SAMSUNG Mobile Unpacked” event on the 11st of this month in San Diego (CA), then considering that the Nexus Prime is based on the next version of Android also ICS will be showed up in less than a week.

We just have to wait these few days.

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