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Few days ago, when I was looking for a sketchbook to draw logos and types in a step before adopting digital tools, I bumped into the Dot Grid Book by Behance, a book of 50 A4 pages with dot matrix. This book price on the official store is $15 without shipping costs, so for an Italian as me it costs about $30. For this price I prefer to use some printer paper honestly.

I’ve continued my search until I’ve found in a shop a Fabriano dot grid sketchbook unexpectedly!

This book is part of a new line 100% green by Fabriano, called EcoQua. This sketchbook has 90 A4 pages with dot matrix with 85 gsm 100% green paper. The only relevant cons are that the color of pages is not white, but (like any 100% green paper sheets) is a very clear ivory and that the binding is without double spiral (is glued on the side).

All of this for only 3€ (less than $4). It’s very cheap, are you agree?

One Comment on “Fabriano dot grid book”

  • Ciao Dario,

    Molto interessante questo prodotto della Fabriano. Purtroppo dal loro boutique store non si riesce a capiere come slezionare la versione “dot matrix” della serie EcoQua. Di solito dove li acquisti?

    Grazie per la dritta!

    posted on 14th of March, 2014 at 2:15 am

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