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Yesterday on the official Android developers blog was posted an article by Adam Powell that talk about the adoption of the theme Holo (introduced since Honeycomb) for all the apps. If this migration will happen, we could see all the applications that we have (except many games) as part of only one big application, because each app will use the same buttons, the same text fields and so on. This will benefit so much the user experience. Who don’t prefer to get the same experience from each application that run on your smartphone?

There are two aspect of this article to consider, one and most important is that Google seems to going in the right direction to make this fusion and then reduce the fragmentation, that is also the first problem of the Android ecosystem. The second aspect is that this article includes some guides to make this migration very easy (take a look).

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  • This is definitely a great move – standardization of android apps is necessary if it wants to keep up with the big brother

    posted on 14th of February, 2012 at 5:36 pm

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