Design inspiration

Design Inspiration

The first thing to do for having your mind “prepared” to the design (such as logo, web, app, ads etc.), it’s to get constantly, every day, some points of inspiration. It’s the base, infact, when you have to work on a new design, if you don’t have a great idea ready, the way to get out of the maze is to find inspiration. This works like a brainstorming that help you to make the right idea.

Here I’ll suggest you some way to get inspired.

Be tuned

Use a RSS client (I get on well with Google Reader) and subscribe to the feed of each designers you like. So consulting the client every day you will be updated on every new work of your favorites. In additions I’ll suggest to subscribe to the feed of Speckyboy magazine. Here there are some interesting articles and once a week there is an article dedicated to inspiration, with some gorgeous websites founded on the web.

Play basketball

Why basketball and not football? because basketball is the way of Dribbble (don’t forgot the triple b). Dribbble is the most famous community of designers, here you can find only shots (400×300 pixels) of elite designers. So is a good practice to take a tour each time you have nothing to do. As explained previously to be part of these gang of designers you need an invite.

Make a camping trip

If the basketball it’s not enough for you, try Forrst. As Dribbble here you can find some interesting shots, but because entering in this community is easier, the quality it’s not ever so gorgeous. To be part of this community infact you need three vote from other members.

Check your favorites

Another designers community is the younger Favwork. To join this you need… nothing. So as you can expect the shots (600×400 pixels) that you can find here are of every quality.

And finally, follow me

Yes follow me!

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