The idea of Splact was born in the 2005 when I was sixteen. In that period I was started to use tools as Photoshop and Flash, and with the intent to create my own space on web I created Splact, a website Flash-based, very simple and surely very rough, but it was still my first experience.

In the following years I’ve evolved the Splact brand through various technologies and platforms, becoming in a first time a blog using third part themes and now, with this 7th version, it’s still a blog-based website but it’s mainly a portfolio to show out my works as a programmer and designer.


What about me? I’m Dario Carella, I am twenty-three years old, and I’m studying computer science at the University “Federico II” in Naples, Italy, and considering that I’m really near to my first level graduate, probably in less than a year I could continuing to study for the second level graduate, maybe still in the same university.

My main interests are technology in which I’m very addicted (as told by my girlfriend), space exploration, music, interfaces and logos design, and programming too (obviously)!

I’m experienced in programming for stand alone applications with Java and C, and in web programming with PHPJSPServlet, and a little bit of ASP on the server side and with JS (loving jQuery) on the client side.

Actually I’m developing for Android platform, and after few months of training now I’ve published my first application on the Android Market. All my works (Android apps and more) are showed in portfolio.